What is brand strategy?
The development of a strategic blueprint that defines the fundamental building blocks of your unique BrandDNA – the value proposition, verbal brand, visual brand  and the experiential brand. These building blocks create and position a highly relevant and differentiated brand that aligns and supports a business strategy.

Why a brand strategy?

  • Align with and support the business strategy
  • Create a blueprint to build a strong brand
  • Provide clarity of purpose and offering
  • Create focused, relevant messaging
  • Make it easier for prospects/customers to understand your brand
  • Develop a roadmap for growth

Stanford Hospitals & Clinics retained SightCast as a brand strategy advisor over several years to provide counsel and strategic recommendations on revitalizing their brand identity system and guidelines; rationalizing the hospital's naming architecture for over 60 clinical specialties, sub-specialties, treatments and services; naming, identity and signage for the new multi-million dollar Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center; and various strategic partnerships.


For over 25 years we have had the opportunity to work with some of world's greatest global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Nestle, Braun, Gatorade, Microsoft and regional and local brands like UCSF, Stanford Hospital, Huntington Hospital, Varain Medical Systems, School Loop and Mechanics Bank. Working with hundreds of brands over the years has provided hands-on experience with simple to very complex brand issues. This experience has enabled us to publish several books on brand strategy and articles on brand related issues. We apply this depth and breadth of experience on every engagement – big or small. We tailor every assignment to your specific needs and goals. Contact us to learn more how we can position your brand for success.

Crafting a Relevant Value Proposition

The value proposition framework we use has been refined over 20 plus years of hands-on experience with hundreds of brands – not hypothetical ones. The  framework has eight core pillars that become the foundation of your brand strategy and touchstone of all things brand.  Every employee and agency can refer to this framework for consistent marketing, messaging, PR, product development and internal and external communications.

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As UCSF continues is staggering growth in throughout San Francisco, Northern California and globally, the marketing team determined they required an extension of their brand identity architecture system to internal and external programs and initiatives and an additional system for external partnerships, joint ventures and affiliations. SightCast partnered with the design firm Karthaus-Collins to develop a comprehensive strategy, design system and guidelines for various university entities to consistently configure logo-lockups, cobranding, descriptors, tag lines and straplines in alignment with the new brand identity standards. In addition, new corporate and academic partnerships required a multi-layered structure that promotes the UCSF enterprise brand and accommodates various partner scenarios. This brand architecture extension increased the importance of the relationship between communication requirements and the visual and verbal hierarchy.

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​Our goal is to create the unique DNA of enduring brands

Huntington Memorial Hospital is part of a rapidly changing healthcare delivery system, and is transforming from a community hospital to a regional leader and award-winning national player. A strong and unified brand is one of the most effective ways to support their revised vision, mission, values and goal of ranking in the top 10 percent of hospitals in the nation.

SightCast was retained to develop new brand strategy that included a comprehensive BrandDiagnostic analysis, executive management team brand workshop, the development of a new value proposition, brand identity, brand architecture, co-branding, brand voice and messaging, website and internal brand education. At the heart of the program, is their new Vision, Mission and Core Values that drive the culture and operations of the organization and the patient experience.

Quicken Products (Intuit). SightCast was retained by Quicken Products group to develop a new brand architecture and naming convention incorporating two new lines of products. SightCast worked closely with marketing and product management to evaluate recommended alternative hierarchies and nomenclature systems for brand, sub-brand, product category, product group, product and descriptors.  These products were targeted to individuals and small businesses.

Mechanics Bank is a 112 year old SF Bay Area bank with $3 billion in assets and 35 branches. As part of a five year strategic growth plan developed by the board of directors, SightCast was retained to revitalize and align the Mechanics Bank brand with the new plan.  After an extensive BrandDiagnostic assessment, SightCast developed and implemented a new corporate value proposition, a name modification, new positioning tagline, a new brand identity system; streamlined brand architecture and product/service naming and nomenclature system.  When successfully completed, the strategic brand program provided a powerful competitive and marketing tool to help drive greater awareness and preference in a very challenging and intense business category.

Founded in 1954, Varian is the world's leading oncology radiation therapy company. In recent years, several new major competitors have arrived offering products and services have captured the attention of both clinicians and patients alike and have taken market share from Varian. They needed to act to stave off competition, and act quickly. Varian retained SightCast to develop and manage an integrated Direct-to-Patient marketing communications program for their revolutionary new product RapidArc.

The goal was to increase consumer awareness and preference for a hospital/cancer centers that had the latest Varian RapidArc technology. SightCast produced TV and radio commercials; bi-lingual print ads, billboards and transit advertising; a destination microsite, online social media and managed the SEO and SEM for the new campaign.  Our multi-year campaign drove sales up 16% (year one) in our six US target markets, increased overall web traffic by 50% and time on site to an average of over 8 minutes.  The Dear Cancer campaign also included a $200,000 donation to the American Cancer Society via a letter writing program.  

Fly fishing is the perfect metaphor for brand strategy. Fly fishing is part science, part art and part sport. It takes years of learning and hands on experience combined with examining the environment and conditions that effect the needs and desires of the target audiences. Selection of the relevant, handcrafted fly and its careful presentation is critical for success – it must be relevant, not just different to be successful. The same with your brand.

The SightCast Name
Sight casting is a fly fishing technique of searching perspective waters for rising fish or ones that are just visible below the surface. Once identified, skillfully presenting a carefully selected fly to attract the fish. Targeting these rising opportunities successfully requires unwavering focus, handcrafted tools and continuous refinement of your technique. At SightCast, we have been refining brand strategy development for over 25 years.

Defining "brand"

The SightCast BrandDNA Model is founded on the principle that brands like humans, contain fundamental brand DNA building blocks. There are four dimensions: At the core is the value proposition framework (audience segmentation, positioning, vision, mission and values), the verbal brand (name, tag line, product and service names and messaging), the visual brand (identity, website, collateral) and the experiential brand (customer experience, user interface in digital, environments, events). ​

ClearBlueX has just emerged from stealth mode with their new proprietary online auction platform for the buying and selling of small and medium sized businesses. SightCast was retained to develop a brand strategy, identity system, pitch decks, Messaging, thought leadership, collateral and new marketing website. SightCast is also leading the development outbound marketing efforts as they prepare for heir first live auctions.Type your paragraph here.

Case Histories

The case histories outlined below are a good reflection of the size, scope and complexity of brand related issues we address. Our primary focus has been in healthcare, financial services, technology and consumer products. To learn more about these and other brand strategy solutions,contact us.

We deeply believe your brand strategy must align with and support your business strategy. This provides a single, consistent, clarity of purpose to your customers, partners and employees. That being said, your brand must be relevant first then different. If your brand is not relevant to your target audiences, it doesn't matter how different you are. 

Key brand pillars:

  • Be relevant to your target audiences’ needs and desires 
  • Create a preference and emotional connection 
  • Differentiate from your competition 
  • Be unique, ownable and defendable 
  • Command a premium 


​Whether diagnosing a tired brand, launching a new brand or repositioning an old brand, we scale every engagement based on the needs and resources of your company.  We choose to only work with a few clients at one time so we can focus on your issues/opportunities personally – no handoffs!  We staff each engagement depending on scope, utilizing our team of seasoned professionals from some of the top global brand firms. These include additional  strategists, researchers, designers and writers all with 15-25+ years of experience. This ensures, the top minds and talent are focused on your brand.​

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Fetzer Vineyards, founded in 1968 had been one of the pioneers of the Mendicino County wine legacy. After 50 years in the business and changes in ownership, increased competition, changing preferences, the Fetzer brand had lost focus.

SightCast developed a custom tailored BrandDNA workshop to regain focus and reinvigorate brand based on the objectives of the brand team. After conducting interviews and industry research, we assembled a cross-functional team of brand management,  wine makers and an outside design team to for a full day workshop.  The workshop included a variety of creative exercises, exploritory writing, breakout groups and more. The outcome was a new brand value proposition and brand manifesto to be used in driving new marketing, design and promotional efforts.

Ohio State Lottery. Partnering with Airlift Ideas of Chicago, we developed a broad range of new identities based on a new marketing strategy for the Ohio State Lottery. Our focus was to capture the emotional state of winning versus the traditional boring state outline that so may lotteries utilize. The OH abbreviation for Ohio and exclamation mark lent itself perfectly for creating a very clever execution in the dialogue bubble.Type your paragraph here.

Relevant Differentiation

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