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How to create a relevant, distinctive brand identity.

Before you start building a brand through advertising, marketing, and public relations, you had better know the difference between identity and image in order to establish an effective, enduring brand identity—a verbal, visual, and experiential formula that bestows credibility and attracts attention. Before the Brand is a crash course in brand identity basics that describes successful long-term strategies for creating and refocusing brand identities for all types of companies, products, services, and technologies.

Knowing one’s true identity makes it easier to speak the right message to intended audiences and allows for a strong, consistent, relevant, and differentiated brand. This persuasive primer is packed with case studies that glance into the identities of such premier brands as Nutrasweet, Intel, Gatorade, FedEx, and many more. It introduces the controllable elements of brand identity—positioning strategy, brand name, nomenclature, tag line, logo, and more—and shows marketers how to:

  • Develop simple, flexible positioning strategies
  • Create a brand name that hits home with your market
  • Create a dynamic, visual brand personality
  • Reinforce the brand identity through messaging
  • Leverage identity opportunities through cobranding and other formulas.

Published in English and Turkish.The English version is available on Amazon here.

BrandInsight is a collection of books and educational articles and white papers written by David Wisnom III, the founder of SightCast. We will be adding podcasts and webcasts in the near future focusing on the fundamentals of diagnosing, creating, building and revitalizing brand value. If you would like a copy or to subscribe, please complete the simple form – we do not share any collected information.

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BrandFocus: Rebranding your Company for Success. A Step-by-Step Guide

Before the Brand: Creating the Unique DNA of an Enduring Brand Identity

Originally written for a $3.5B privately held consumer products holding company to guide their marketing team in the rebranding of of the corporation. This book is the impetus for the Brand DiY Toolkits. The book covers how to conduct a BrandDiagnostic analysis, prepare recommendations, develop and implement a comprehensive corporate brand strategy. Digital copies will be available in June 2019. Pre-order here

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