David is the Founder & Chief Strategist. David's background in developing brand strategies covers the spectrum of brands such as UCSF, Mechanics Bank, Huntington Hospital, Wells Fargo Advisors, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Varian Medical Systems, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola.

David’s accomplishments include co-authoring the book Before the Brand:

Creating the Unique DNA of an Enduring Brand Identity, (published by

McGraw-Hill in English and Turkish) and most recently authoring BrandFocus:                          Rebranding your Company for Success – a Step-by-Step Guide.

Prior to founding SightCast Inc., David was Managing Director of the west

coast office of FutureBrand, a strategic branding firm.  David was also

Executive Director of Landor Associates, the world's leading strategic

branding firm in San Francisco and opened their Chicago office.

David’s current philanthropic work includes: second term as past Board Chair of

Community Gatepath – a 99 year old non-profit that provides essential services to

children and adults with disabilities. Past roles include President of the Burlingame

Soccer Club;  Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the SMC Star Soccer Club. 

David attended the Cate School and Willamette University. He spends his rare

free time with his wife, two kids and lab Macallan, fly fishing, cycling and cooking.

Jeanette Karthaus + Michael Collins – Karthaus Collins, Inc.  Brand Systems Design    
Dave is a smart, deeply-experienced, personally engaging brand strategist. Most recently we collaborated on a brand architecture extension program for UCSF, a world-class, innovative institution. From the onset he was instrumental in helping us craft a winning proposal that outlined each step of the research, strategy and design phases including relevant case histories that demonstrated our combined expertise as an integrated brand systems design team.

For the research phase, Dave led administration, management and partner interviews that identified current/future need states with thoughtful inquiry, informed by his knowledge of current trends and best practices among medical, educational and business enterprises. Based on what we learned, Dave facilitated a custom brand scenarios workshop leading to the development of a brand architecture model. This model was stress-tested with senior management, incorporating current/future branded partnerships, alliances, programs and initiatives. Upon approval, a systematic foundation was established by which we created a range of visual solutions of the architecture model that were reviewed, refined and incorporated into the university’s brand identity guidelines.

The methodologies Dave employed provided comprehensive objective analysis, distillation and simplification of a multi-faceted architecture system, delivering a (proven) brand architectural model that will be confidently implemented university-wide and among external partners.

Dave’s contribution as a valued consultant provided a seamless work experience resulting in fulfilling the programmatic needs of our client and a model for future engagements.


Ed Rice - Director of Strategy, Affinity Creative Group

I’ve had the pleasure of retaining Dave’s independent, professional consulting services on key client programs and also in shaping the future of Affinity as a branding and design firm in a very competitive category.  In every case, the experience has been incredibly helpful, quite enlightening and most productive. 

Dave not only provides sound brand strategy and efficient execution plans, he projects an aura of confidence and knowledge that assures his clients they are in very good hands.  And he does this with humility and respect. As a client, I never felt as though Dave was posturing or "lording over" me, my team or my clients.

Dave's custom brand strategy workshops provided objective insight and strategic guidance for several crucial and "thorny" Affinity design and strategy programs. He ran these sessions using fun and engaging techniques that ensured participation by all attendees in a productive and efficient manner.  Dave possesses an uncanny ability to compress what can typically be a tedious, weeks-long process into the space of a couple of days.  He is expert at achieving operating group, mid to senior management, and multi-level client consensus without forcing the issues.  He smoothly guides the process, while staying on track and never losing site of the final desired outcome. 

I highly recommend David Wisnom and his branding expertise.  His services have unquestionably created real strategic value for Affinity Creative Group and for our clients.

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