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Consulting Services
At SightCast, we subscribe to a holistic, hands-on management philosophy in our consulting engagements.

We have learned through years of experience, that continuity is critical for success; therefore we don't

believe in bait and switch or mid-stream hand-offs. We prefer to work collaboratively with our clients

managing the analysis, strategy, creative development, implementation through deployment.  We believe

this ensures the integrity of our methodology, a higher quality product and superior client satisfaction.

Every engagement is scalable depending on client's needs and resources - we engage in brand workshops,

short and long-term projects and long-term brand advisory roles.  Let us know how you prefer to work. Contact us.​

Strategic Partner Consulting Services
We have developed a set of on-demand, plug and play strategic brand consulting services to partner with design and consulting firms. This partnership allows companies to offer our strategic services to attract and grow clients, create value and most importantly, drive new and incremental revenue.  These services are complimentary or supplemental to existing offerings with no overhead.  Partner services include the proprietary BrandDiagnosticTM, brand strategy development – value proposition, positioning and messaging, brand architecture, customer journey mapping, workshops and more.  To learn more about how we can partner,
contact us.                      To read about partnering success stories, click here.

Coaching Services
We offer on-demand advisory services to executives and marketing teams on brand related issues that arise throughout the year – new products/services, brand rationalization, line extensions, M&A activity/due diligence – diagnostics, partnerships and alliances, competitive issues, hiring, etc…. These can be a simple phone call, email, meeting or work session.
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DiY Toolkits

SightCast offers a step-by-step Brand DiY Toolkits and coaching packages to guide small business owners creating a new brand – a value proposition/positioning, creative briefs for naming and identity and a brand strategy. We also have created a Brand DiY BrandDiagnostic toolkit for companies to analyze their brands' health. Learn more...


SightCast offers series of proprietary workshops to address brand issues. These highly interactive

group sessions are designed to be engaging, consensus building, collaborative, creative, insightful

and most importantly to get actionable results. 

The success of the workshops are based on pre-workshop discovery - this is a critical  element

regardless if it is a half, full or two day program.  We have detailed client interviews and briefings

to determine/clarify goals and objectives, discuss the appropriate mix of attendees, prioritize key

issues, hot buttons and and potential roadblocks.  In preparation of the workshops, we conduct

detailed independent research of client documents, websites, competitors, attendee interviews/

questionnaires and selected customer interviews.  The pre-work guides the development of the

tailored workshop content, scripted flow and specific exercises we will utilize.

We prefer to conduct the workshops offsite to diminish any distractions or interruptions. Unique 

environments are more conducive to creative output.  We have conducted workshops in wineries, 

B&B's, boutique and destination hotels, coastal conference centers.

Depending on the workshop, they can include multiple creative exercises including write-draw,

attribute and cards sorts, break out groups, mood boards, customer personifications, journey

mapping and much more. Depending on the goals, the workshops range from half-day, full-day

to two days. The workshops are followed with a summary of the key findings, insights and strategic 



  • Proven, actionable results, quickly
  • Consensus building at every stage
  • Fun, engaging, collaborative
  • ​Great team building exercise

Workshop Titles
BrandCreationTM - New product/service brand
BrandFocusTM - Value proposition and positioning existing brands
Customer Journey (touchpoint) Mapping
Brand and customer personification
Custom workshops

To learn more about our workshops, contact us.

BrandCreation is our proprietary methodology for creating a brand from scratch - taking an idea to a living breathing, tangible manifestation of the brand strategy that aligns and supports the business strategy. It begins with the development of a brand strategy - the strategic blueprint that defines the fundamental building blocks of your unique BrandDNA – the value proposition, verbal brand, visual brand  and the experiential brand. The most important part of the development is the BrandCreation Workshop. The leadership team participates in one-two days of highly collaborative and consensus building activities focused on developing the Value Proposition Framework.

Although we tailor each engagement to our client's needs and goals, the diagram below reflects the typical steps we include in the development of a new brand. For the creative development, our teams are hand-selected, naming and design professionals with 15-20+ years of experience with global design firms. In addition, we have trademark and copyright counsel and have strategic partnerships with web design firms, app developers and digital marketing professionals should the need arise. 

Be Relevant First, then Different.

If you are not relevant, it doesn't matter how different you are...

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BrandFocus is our proprietary methodology for growing companies that have too many brands or may be fragmented from rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, or lack of a brand strategy. It doesn't mean that the company and its brands are broken, they just lack focus. We also use this methodology for tired, dated and declining brands that require revitalization. BrandFocus incorporates our comprehensive BrandDiagnostic analysis prior to engaging in a two day BrandFocus workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to deconstruct the existing brand on day one and construct a new brand Value Proposition Framework on day two. This tailored workshop is highly collaborative and consensus building.

Following the workshop, we commence with the development of the brand strategy - the strategic blueprint that defines the fundamental building blocks of your unique BrandDNA. Depending on the engagement, we may develop a refined brand architecture, a revised naming convention, new designs and messaging.​ The diagram below reflects the typical steps we include in the development of a revitalized brand. 

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Is your brand strategy aligned to support your business strategy?
Is your value proposition compelling? 

Are your target audiences' need states clearly defined?

Is your messaging relevant?

​If you are not sure or answered no to any of these questions, we should talk. For more than 25 years, the professionals of SightCast Inc. have been creating, building and revitalizing brand value by providing trusted insight and strategic counsel on brand issues to business owners and corporate executives.  We don't walk in with preconceived ideas on how to fix your brand, it may not be broken.  We listen, we explore, we uncover, we learn.  Then we collaborate to create relevant differentiation.

We deeply believe your brand must be relevant first, then different.  If your brand is not relevant to your target audiences, it doesn't matter how different you are.  Our BrandDNA  model is founded on the principle that brands like humans, contain fundamental brand DNA building blocks.  Our proprietary methodologies uncovers and defines those critical brand building blocks to effectively position, market and manage your brand to achieve brand advocacy that drives revenue.

How Healthy is Your Brand?  The BrandDiagnostic analysis tool objectively analyzes a brand’s health and its market relevance.  Based on years of experience creating and building brands, we have found

that the best way to evaluate the core components of a BrandDNA is to evaluate the

brand from four perspectives:

  1. The first is the internal perspective of your board of directors, management team,           marketing team and general employee population. 
  2. The second perspective competitive perspective looks at the market environment through your key competitors’ positioning, messaging differentiation and marketing. 
  3. The third perspective are your customers and prospects who currently (or may) live with your brand every day. 
  4. The final perspective is SightCast’s objective evaluation of the different perspectives.

Our analysis can be completed in as little as a few weeks and can applied to companies, portfolios or individual products and services – without breaking the bank.  The deliverable is a State of the Brand Report which provides an analysis, implications regarding the brand health and recommendations.  Based on the findings, we can help you better position your brands for success - be more relevant, create and build value and exit stronger.


State of the Brand Presentation
Upon completion of the BrandDiagnostic phase, we analyze our findings and prepare a presentation to the management team of our key learnings and recommendations – we call this the “State of the Brand”. Depending on the scope of the engagement, the presentation may include:​

  • Internal Interviews Summary
  • Document Review Findings
  • Research Review Findings
  • Customer Interviews Summary
  • Retail/Site Audit
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Benchmarking
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  • Customer Journey Mapping 
  • Summary of Key Findings
  • Implications & Recommendations​

To learn more about our BrandDiagnostic, 
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