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Emerging & Growth 

For companies that are emerging in the marketplace or in a growth mode, they need to focus their product and service brand(s) to become relevant to customers and prospects. 

A logo is not a Brand!

Plateau or in Decline

Dated, stagnant or companies in decline, need to be revitalized to compete in the marketplace. This begins with diagnosing the health of the brand.  

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What stage of the brand lifecycle is your company?

A brand is a multi-dimensional, living breathing manifestation of your value proposition, identity system and branded experiences – your BrandDNATM. We have had the privilege of working with some of the world's greatest companies shown here, to create, diagnose, build and revitalize brand value. For over 25 years, we have provided trusted insight and strategic counsel on brand related issues to emerging and mid-market companies. Our brand strategies include unique value propositions and positioning, memorable names, relevant messaging and distinctive identities. 

Buying, Selling or Merging

Numbers only tell part of the story… How do you know if you are acquiring or merging with a healthy brand? Is your brand positioned for maximum exit value? 

We Create, Diagnose, Build & Revitalize Brand Value


In startup mode, companies need to define their brand - the the BrandDNA: The value proposition, brand name, visual identity (logo) and brand experience.  

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